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Story, we all know it starts with story. A good story leads to a good book, a good radio show, a good painting, and a good film. It’s a simple concept but a very complex process, especially when applied to filmmaking. It requires collaboration, and whether by nature or nurture, I choose to collaborate by way of cinematography.

I didn’t begin my story telling career behind the camera. I began working on the stage, or at least behind the stage, lighting live performances. I transitioned to film and television and attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts carrying over my fascination of light from stage to screen. That fascination being the idea that a story is going on, the actors doing their work, the design team creating a space, the story unfolding, but if it’s unlit, it’s unseen, still there, but unseen.

Light molds how we tell that story. If you light half the story, you get half the story. I bring that mentality to all of my work, whether it be the shots chosen, the quality of light used, or movement created through camera. I am there to help translate and mold a story that already exists. Not create my story, but help bring a story to life created collaboratively. To shine light onto great stories that are happening and let them be seen.



Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro Camera Package

- Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro Body

- Blackmagic Shoulder Mount Kit

- Tilta TT-03-GJ Rail and Follow Focus System

- Chrosziel 4x4 Matte Box

- SmallHD 502 Monitor with Sidefinder

- Transcend 256GB Cfast 2.0 Cards

- IndiPRO Compact V-Mount Batteries


Rokinon Cine DS Lens Kit

- 14mm T3.1

- 24mm T1.5

- 35mm T1.5

- 50mm T1.5

- 85mm T1.5

- 100mm T3.1 Macro


- Manfrotto 504HD Tripod

- Hi-Hat

Lighting and Grip Package

- Arri Light Kit(1K chimera, 650w, 300w, 2x150w)

- 2 1'x1' Flex Bi-Color LED Mats

- Diva 400

- 2 500watt china Ball Kits

- 3 C-stands

- Wescott 8'x8' Scrim Jim Kit (8x8 silk, 8x8 Bounce, 4x4 floppy, 4x4 silk)

- Road Rags 18x24 Flag Kit

- Assorted Clamps


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