Production Experience


Shoot Me (short)                        4K, Blackmagic Ursa     Shaleen Gumpta Prod, 2017
A Decent Proposal (short)               4K, Blackmagic Ursa     Brian Ruppert Prod, 2017   
Idea of Manhood (feature)               4K, Blackmagic Prod     No Idea of Manhood LLC, 2016
Slumber Party (feature)                 4K, Blackmagic Prod     CEO Productions, 2017
MisFit (short)                          4K, Blackmagic Prod     Nathan Lim Productions, 2016
Drift (short)                           4K, Blackmagic Prod     City Centre Entertainment, 2016
Summit (feature)                        HD, Canon C300          Congested Cat Films, 2016
The Bad Days (short)                    HD, Canon 5D Mark II    Greg Keras Productions, 2013
Lost Keys (short)                       HD, Canon 5D Mark II    An Inanimate Carbon Rod Prod, 2011
In (short)                              HD, HVX200              Massi Productions, 2008
The Bureaucrat (short)                  HD, HVX200              Massi Production, 2007
A Slow Dissolve (feature)               DV, DVX100              An Inanimate Carbon Rod Prod, 2007
Future Chance (short)                   16mm, Arri SR           An Inanimate Carbon Rod Prod, 2006



Bardstown                               HD, Canon C300          Oxygen/Peacock Productions, 2017
Dead North                              HD, Sony FS7            Discovery ID/Magilla Entertainment, 2017
Murder Reconstructed                    HD, Canon C300          Discovery ID/Lion TV, 2017
Six Degrees of Murder(season 1&2)       HD, Canon C300          Discovery ID/Lion TV, 2017
Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall        HD, Canon C300          Discovery ID/Peacock Prod, 2016
Follow Your Past                        HD, Canon C300          Travel/Lion TV, 2015
Uncommon Grounds                        HD, Sony FS700          Travel/Nancy Glass Prod, 2015
History Detectives                      HDCAM, F900             PBS/Lion TV, 2012
A Slice of Brooklyn                     HD, EX-1                Travel/Happy Owl, 2011
Roble & Co                              HD, HDX900              Bravo/Red Line Films, 2011
MTV Style                               HD, EX-3                MTV Australia, 2011
Paranormal State                        HD, HDX900              A&E/Go Go Luckey Prods, 2011



Weill Cornell Scholarship Bio           HD, Blacmagic Ursa, 2017
George Jackson Academy                  HD, Blackmagic 4K, 2016
Brooklyn Brewery Wild Streak Release    HD, Nikon D3200, 2014
Brooklyn Brewery Fire and Ice Release   HD, Nikon D3200, 2013
AITAF Promo                             HD, Canon 5D  , 2013
The Groom                               HD, Canon 5D            Acollar Prods, 2011
Mom's Rising Mother's Day Trailer       HD, Canon 5D   Prods, 2011
Zombie People                           HD, Canon 5D  , 2010

Technical Skills


Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K Camera (Owner/Operator)

Have operated and/or teched the following cameras

  • Arri S, Arri SR , Arri III
  • Canon C300, Sony FS7, Sony FS-700, Red One, Sony F35
  • Sony A7S Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III
  • Sony F900R, Sony F800, Sony F350, Panasonic HDX900

Extensive experience with all traditional lighting and rigging, including Kino Flos, LEDs, HMIs, and Studio Rigging. Experience with wireless monitoring as well as lipstick and robot cam setup and operation.


B.F.A in Film and Television Production                      New York University, Sept. 2001-May 2003

  • Awards: 2003 Martin Scorcese Filmmakers Scholarship

Associates in the Arts                                       New York University, Sept. 1999-May 2001